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Fa yuen street food! So good! So full! #food #love #streetsnacks

Fa yuen street food! So good! So full! #food #love #streetsnacks

Anonymous asked: Why aren't you updating this?

That is a good question, I am considering starting a new blog. Sorry, i have thought about this for a while, so much to update but left so much out :/ what are wanting to see? are you a regular blog follower/blogger? 

Mama, Daddy it’s your Anniversary (Silver)

I was suppose to post this 2 years ago, but never got round to doing it. Song written by my lil bro.

Mama, Daddy it’s your Anniversary

Cos of you, the population grew by three.

You’ve been married for a long time now,

25 years younger couples all should bow,

For God made you, and He made me,

He gets all the glory.

What a blessing that comes from up above,

Sure is a way He pours out His love.


I see the haters, the spitters, who have really big dreams,

They get together to quickly, and want to get seen,

They have a baby and are like what do we do?,

So they divorce and give the baby to who?

But you! You have been blessed with a great love,

And even have the blessing of the white dove,

And your children of 3, will live to see him

In His glory, and in, all new limbs.

25 years you together are very fond,

Of His glory so you have this great bond,

Now carry on, it’s not finished, not the race

25 years, not nearly half way.

That’s not all, I’ll be truthful,

There will be times that are hard,

With your children they’ll be playing their trump cards,

But like a hurdle, you jump and hope not to fall,

And I can promise, look what God did to Paul 

There’s still a road with three children as roles do parents,

But Jesus has set the path that is forever mean’t

Life’s hard, as Christians we know that hard is life

But Jesus is there even in the biggest strifes

And in those hardships I know that we’ll learn

From our mistakes, and others, for everyone’s concerns

Feels like a burn, but it’s not permanent

Not a sharpie, cos Father God is our parent.

- Jon. Wong 

a song dedicate to our parents from my lil brother. he produced this so-called song/rap in 10mins. love it!

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It’s been a while.

I’ve not been on tumblr in so long that, the dashboard layout has changed and I didn’t even know. 

…life has been busy. 
Been home for about 3 months now, and I’ve currently got a temp PT job and starting my second temp PT job on tuesday with an induction. So i guess it’s not going so bad. 

Life seems to be going “well”. I say “well” because I’m happy being home and getting to spend some quality time with the family and also friends from home and church. However, I still don’t feel fully settled back. Yes I’ve managed to get jobs, but for some reason, every week seems to be different. I’m not saying I want a permanent job back at home and for every week to be repetitive. But have some stability would be nice. I mean, I feel like I have no spare time for myself, when really I’ve not really done much. It’s all a bit ‘asfjsnjivrhnkakhuvra’ that’s all I can say to describe how I feel. Ha. 

But it’s okay. at the end of the day, I know God has everything planned for me. So I just have to make the right decisions and rely on him. 

One thing I have missed though is drawing…I’ve set myself a project at the start of september but like I said, I just feel so busy and no time for myself that I’ve not gotten round to actually doing any of it. Plus I keep getting lots of ideas for illustrations and to create designs. But still not got round to actually starting anything. 

…seen as I have some time now. I’m gonna go do some sketches OR…relax (i’m shattered) or search for jobs/internships/work experience in Hong Kong (hoping to got there in Jan), lots I want to do. But my heart and mind are not cooperating. -___- 

See ya later. Hope everyone’s well! 

Countdown Crossing Lights!? #interesting #random #cool #london #exploring

Countdown Crossing Lights!? #interesting #random #cool #london #exploring

Just want to run forever…

…life just ain’t that easy at this stage.

Wish I could pause time and get my head straight and focus on one thing!

Re- post. Love this photo! ❤ I was embarrassed about what I said! But at least we got a good photo out of it! :) ‘I don’t know who that man taking photos of us is!’ @beccawiner: ‘Jo that’s my dad’ 😓😅 #graduationday #graduation #funny #friends #instapic #instadaily #laughter #happy #oops #daytoremember

Re- post. Love this photo! ❤ I was embarrassed about what I said! But at least we got a good photo out of it! :) ‘I don’t know who that man taking photos of us is!’ @beccawiner: ‘Jo that’s my dad’ 😓😅 #graduationday #graduation #funny #friends #instapic #instadaily #laughter #happy #oops #daytoremember

First day back at home

What the heck! 

* is only person that can make me cry, without any effort. 
If it’s going to be like this, i’m definitely not to enjoy being back at home.